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With the Information and Technology revolution in full swing now, there is hardly any business or service company, which does not have a significant dependence on IT infrastructure. Small and medium business can today harness enterprise level computing power and compete with the biggest of their competitors. Add to this the hundreds and thousands of people who can now sell their services or products, which earlier seemed impossible, for example a person having a creative and designing potential now offering part time services through their websites for wedding designs, party planning etc. The ease with which a new business and be set up and expanded is a God Send!

And a disaster in waiting.

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Yes, yes we just said that. But how, you may ask? Ok, continuing with our intro about the ease of setting up things, let’s create a scenario to explain this. Let’s take our friend Elizabeth who lives in Toronto. Now Elizabeth was – still is- good at baking, no wait, great at baking. Her family knew it, her friends, neighbors etc knew it and that was all. That was until a few years ago when a well meaning friend suggested her about starting her own blog. Being well read and given the ease of blogging, she soon found herself blogging full time using the family desktop computer about baking recipes and stuff and gained quite a following. As time went on, she got her own personal computer, then came blogging from laptop, iPad etc. Broadband and wireless meant she could now blog from anywhere. With popularity, came request for a one off order to bake for a wedding and charge for her services. And then the request’s poured.

So, the blog now needed a website too to promote her services. She got one designed and things were going pretty. There were some irritants though, sometimes the router didn’t function, so she saved a recipe on her PC, sometimes the PC got infected with virus, so she had to blog and save her recipes on her laptop and like that. As content and comments grew, the hard disk seemed smaller, the PC slower. Each time she diligently called the nearest available tech support, they took back ups, changed configurations and she was satisfied. Sometimes, the internet seemed too slow for her, so she called another tech guy, they removed the earlier hardware, installed new one, gave her the drivers disk, other information etc and left.

Pretty soon, the time came when she was spending more time on her blog’s ‘computer and network infrastructure’ than she should be. Each time she sat down to write a new recipe, the messy wires, too many devices, finding half a recipe on one device and the other half somewhere else started to bother the mind. She felt though everything is in place, it isn’t in its place. She wanted to clean this all up but seemed to huge a task.

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She had the drivers, the backup, the configurations settings, the network, the wireless. Everything’s fine, yes the keep up is a distraction but she was managing. Between updating virus definitions to browser upgrades, there was less and less of time to think of new recipes every time she switched on the computer. Bad for business she knew but somehow discarded that notion with an excuse that someday these recurring problems will just go away.

We can continue further on how later on a crippling virus forced her website to be shut down for a few days as different technicians grappled with fixing back ‘drivers installed by tech guy A, finding backups created by tech guy 2, finding operating system key installed by tech guy 3 etc’. On how after the scarring incident and business suffering, she wisely setup a tech department which later turned out to be a way too expensive for her business etc..

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We would have never published this long story to stress a short point, but for the fact that, not only is the story true, it is so frightfully common that it had to be detailed. The fact remains that many small and medium business and new entrepreneurs lured by the ease of technology fail to comprehend the complexity it can potentially turn into. While large enterprise plan and scale up their IT infrastructure, small and medium business or startups don’t. And it is not that they are completely to blame for it, the fact is that in most cases they never actually expected that business would have grown that fast and IT infrastructure would get so messed up. And as the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail.

But is there a solution for Toronto and Greater Toronto Area residents

Of Course there is. At BA Consulting Toronto we come routinely come across cases like above where either too much focus is being spent on the IT needs or where too much is being spent on maintaining an IT department. As each case has different problems and solutions, our team sits down with the client and after due diligence offer solutions that meet your growing IT needs at a fraction of your current spending. Some examples of how we deal with this problem are-

1. Periodic Maintenance– We provide periodic plans for regular but important tasks like backups, updates, repair, and hardware maintenance at extremely affordable prices keeping in mind the tight budgets of small and medium business.

2. Hosted Solutions– Where all your data, applications, backups, databases are run on our servers, so that you can completely stop worrying about continuous upgrades and data safety.

3. Managed Services– Whether you want to outsource a single component of your IT department or want a complete package of Managed services, BA Consulting will design and implement your outsourced Managed services plan in no time. You can pick and choose a single services or custom design your own set of managed services:

4. Remote Monitoring– This involves keeping a constant tab on your IT infrastructure remotely and our experts will monitor 24/7 your software, hardware and devices. This ensures defusing trouble like viruses, spyware, and drive crashes. Any signs of trouble and our experts will move in to kill the problem even before it raises its ugly head.

5. Customized Solutions- This involves any special needs a client has and designing a package around it. The client is given all possible solutions and he or she can pick and choose what suits them best.

6. Structuring Solutions– This involves a deep study of your current IT infrastructure and streamlining it for your current and future requirements by including scalability, remote access, virtualization and cloud computing solutions.

To conclude, for any business its information and technology infrastructure has to be an asset to it and used to its full potential cleverly. Your focus should be on your core business but when it starts getting affected by your IT infrastructure, the issue must be resolved and can be easily resolved. Most business don’t even realize how affordable and simple the solutions are. Just give us a call and see for yourself. And as for Elizabeth and her IT mess, we cleared it for her, and she got herself a break and once again was focused on -to bake.

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