Top Tips To Reinforce Your SEO Strategy For 2015

The Internet has evolved very much since the day of its invention, and this is especially so for the area of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Hence, in order for your website, links or webpage to thrive the way you want it to, you should be more cognizant of today’s consumer trends and Google reforms. These are some of the few things which will be discussed in this article. Once you are equipped with this knowledge and information, you will definitely spot some areas in your websites which should probably be modified or improved on.


Mobile optimization

Studies have foreseen that the flow of mobile traffic will, compared to desktop traffic, have the upper hand since the year of 2012. This prediction has been confirmed to be spot on by Entrepreneur Magazine. In this fast-paced society where everyone uses cell phones while being on the ago, it is simply illogical for websites to not provide mobile optimization. In fact, both Bing and Google show favour to webpages which make use of adaptive design. These webpages will adjust to the size of the phone’s screen while being viewed through one and hence, making it easier for the mobile user to read comfortably.

Furthermore, Google always believed that adaptive and responsive webpages will give users the most commendable and convenient experience. Recently, it has the protocol of locating a notation of “mobile-friendly” adjacent to the relevant websites.

Be mindful of other search engines

When someone mentions SEO, most people will go straight into thinking about just Google. Well, for the long-term success of your website, it is time for you to give up this habit. Other search engines like Yahoo and Bling have quite a promising chance of emerging in these coming year – Firework’s default browser is in fact Yahoo, and also, Google’s ‘pact’ with Safari is on the verge of expiration. It is therefore seen that other search engines are becoming increasingly accepted, so it might be time for you to step your game up and consider giving them weighty attention in order to allure more consumers. You can start by obtaining visibility across all of these different search engines instead of betting all your success on solely Google.

From words to phrases

The importance is keywords today is dwindling. To be more specific, words still eventually matter but it is no longer a blind word-for-word jigsaw puzzle between what is being typed on the search engine and what is written in your website. The words have to be a great deal more specific and a little bit longer, and the reason behind this is because it will be more effective when it comes to baiting for relevant information. Also, long searches are advantageous since there will probably be less competition from other websites or companies for these blocks of words.

What’s more, Google’s Hummingbird search algorithm does not practice matching keywords to sites but rather looks for context and niche-specific term compounds. Currently, one of the most prominent terms are conversational language, particularly questions.

This list is definitely not exhaustive. Basically, you just need yourself in the shoes of your consumers. You should modify your websites based on aspects of convenience and security. Obviously, these activities are not at all quick or easy. It requires time, effort, IT knowledge and skill to deliver desirable improvements.

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