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We offer 24/7 service and so can help resolve your computer emergencies whenever they occur.

We offer 24/7 service and so can help resolve your computer emergencies whenever they occur.

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An effective wireless network service is a secure, high-performing environment where you can regulate usage and access while keeping users happy and productive.

At BA Consulting, our internet and computer technicians know exactly how to go about creating the best possible system to suit your particular premises and requirements. We can also adjust your current system so that if functions more effectively, and suggest upgrades that could make it work even better. Our aim always is to provide the best business or home wireless network solution to give you a more satisfactory user experience with your Wi-Fi, router and device synchronization connections.

Setting up a wireless network in your Toronto home or office
It is very important to get your networked wireless system set up properly right from the get-go so that you get the most cost effective internet solution with the maximum possible efficiency.

It is not simply a matter of plugging in routers, clicking on Word wizard and hoping for the best. Designing an effective, adaptable, expandable wireless network that can grow along with your needs requires a more logical, systematic approach.

Read on below and we’ll explain a little more. But if in the meantime you want to set up an on-site appointment or talk to us about the type of network and wireless system you are looking for, then call us on 647-401-8646 or email us at and one of our computer experts will be delighted to assist.

All about Wi-Fi Network Services
Wi-Fi is no longer just an option – it has evolved into an essential business tool that enables your employees to keep connected and perform their tasks more efficiently and effectively.

Wi-Fi is good for your business, too. Wireless support fosters goodwill among visitors, enables your workforce to stay connected with you while on the road, and provides network access in areas that are either too expensive or too inconvenient to reach easily with traditional network cabling.

It is important to ensure that everybody can interconnect with your system, no matter the brand of device they choose to use – smart phone, tablet, lap-top, or desktop pc.

It is equally important to ensure that your connection works well throughout your premises – that there are no dead spots where signal doesn’t get through or is weaker than it should be. And that all of your employees can connect at the same time without the signal becoming so diluted and slow that no-one can work properly.

Does price make a difference?
The lowest cost Wi-Fi access point (AP) is not necessarily the best option. The signal may be too weak or intermittent to support some of your existing software packages that cannot cope effectively with momentary communications glitches and there is nothing worse than trying to send data – on line and off – and finding that it just can’t get through.

Which Wi-Fi specification works best for you?
The most up-to-date Wi-Fi specification is 802.11n and with anything less you could be looking at problems in the near future. The 802.11n Wi-Fi uses multiple-antennas and so has a much wider range than its predecessor, the 802.11g, and it transfers data almost six times faster, at 300 mbps compared to the previous 54 mbps of the 802.11g. Both systems work over a 2.4GHz radio signal so you can interconnect the newer Wi-Fi devices into your old system in order to improve it, without necessarily having to start from zero.

We find that for new installations performance is best with dual-band antennas that use one band (usually a 5GHz 802.11a radio signal) to connect to the network and a 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n radio signal for client access.

How many APs do you need?
We pay very close attention to where we place each of your Wi-Fi Access Points (APs) so that the signal covers your entire premises. Indoors, most APs can only cover from 50 to 100 feet maximum, depending on the number and type of walls and building materials which may block the signal (concrete walls with steel rebar, steel studs, etc).

Mapping your AP signals
At BA Consulting we use special hand-held devices to map the reach of the signal from each AP we install so that we can be sure of creating a system with slightly overlapping signals so that you know that 100% of your premises is covered.

Power over Ethernet
We try to connect each AP to the network backbone using network jacks and cables since this by far the most efficient and reliable method. We can even use network jacks to power your APs when there are no electricity outlets nearby (eg in a drop ceiling) by using Power over Ethernet (PoE) connections. It may sound complicated but our technicians are experts and have lots of experience in resolving these types of connectivity issues.

Wireless LAN controller
If you need multiple AP points to cover various floors or even an entire building we can set up a Wireless LAN controller that will allow your IT staff to manage your wireless network system effectively.

A wireless LAN controller will permit you to reset individual or all of your AP points simultaneously, or switch to a different radio signal frequency, or even choose how to best use the signal you have – perhaps ensuring more bandwidth for certain personnel or business-critical traffic (eg voice over IP) and less to other options such as internet radio, for example.

This is critical to ensure that no authorized users infiltrate your network or make use of your signal. BA Consulting wireless network experts will encrypt your system so that only you can decide who has access and when – to give you peace of mind that your company or personal data is completely secure.

We will be pleased to discuss your wireless network services with you in person. Please call us on or contact us at and we’ll tell you everything you want to know and set up an appointment to assess your site.

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