IT Relocation

BA Consulting’s Computer and IT Relocation Services have been fine-tuned into a super-efficient, five step process that will minimize both your downtime and productivity lost due to your move.

We always aim for next business day completion, no matter how complex your move!
Step 1 – Planning
We will consult with you well before the move takes place so that we know exactly what we need to do, when, where and in what order and to enable us to anticipate obstacles and devise solutions so as to prevent any unnecessary delays.

Step 2 – Preparation
We will take a good look at all the computer and IT equipment that is currently in use and arrange to donate or dispose of any obsolete equipment that will no longer be used at your new site.

Step 3 – Site Review
Before the actual move takes place we will send our project manager to visit your new location and review the site so that we are clear about your new requirements and what will be involved in setting up your new system.

Step 4 – Relocation
On the day of the move we will arrive bright and early to disconnect and pack up your systems, relocate your equipment to the new premises, and then reconnect on the new site.

Step 5 – Verification and Completion
Immediately after reconnecting your system we will perform a thorough systems check and final testing to ensure that your system is back on track and all is up and running as it was prior to your move.

BA Consulting of Toronto has had wide experience managing a large number of different computer and IT relocations, including smaller office relocations within the same building, to larger corporate office transfers across Ontario and throughout Canada.

We assign every IT-relocation an individual project manager who will work closely with your in-house IT team to oversee the packing up, removal, relocation and re-installation of all your computer equipment and systems.

Why do you need specialized IT relocation services?

Most removal companies are excellent at handling residential and office furniture and furnishings but they are not necessarily prepared for the type of special and sometimes delicate packing requirements of high-tech electronic equipment.

You want to be sure that every piece of your system is dismantled, packed up and reassembled exactly as it was in your original office so that you can get your computer systems up and running again with the minimal of delay.

BA Consulting IT Relocation experts have had vast experience in relocating delicate computer and other electronic equipment. We are skilled in labelling and packing all individual items so that they can be quickly and efficiently reassemble when they arrive at their destination.

We also have the expertise to thoroughly check your system to ensure that it is working as it should, and to fix any unexpected IT problems wherever they should arise.

With BA Consulting of Toronto’s IT Relocation service you can get your business back on track in the shortest possible time and so minimize downtime and loss of employee productivity.

We can even suggest ways to improve you IT systems so that you can install a new state-of-the-art system at you new location and create an enhanced, more enabling employee environment.

To find out more about BA Consulting’s IT and Computer Relocation Services, please call 647-401-8646 or contact us online.

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