Remote Assistance – How It Works

BA Consulting of Toronto offers high-tech remote support via your internet connection for your personal and business computers.

BA Consulting computer engineers are intimately familiar with the most up to date software and have the technical acumen to be able to offer expert solutions to your computer and software problems via your remote internet connection.

Remote computer assistance is fast becoming the help-service of choice for numerous Toronto-based individuals and small-to-medium sized business owners.

Remote assistance works by means of a small application which we install on to your computer or network and which enables BA Consulting computer engineers to receive critical computer information (strictly NON-PERSONAL data) at our company site.

With the app. installed, your devices can then be constantly monitored by BA Consulting programmes that are designed to detect the first sign of any abnormality in your system – probably before you have even noticed that there is any type of problem.

As soon as the system detects an alert, our in-house computer engineers will instantly be made aware and will work to restrain and resolve the problem before it affects your system.
Remote assistance offers the best of both worlds to both you the client and our BA Consulting engineers.

You, the customer, are spared the hassle of unnecessary glitches because they get resolved before they can cause a major problem. You also get to save money by avoiding down-time and by minimizing the costs involved in fixing a major system crash.

We, the engineers, are more easily able to resolve the problems because we can take action before they get to spiral out of control. And we save time because many of these fixes can be made right from the BA Consulting home base without the need for a call-out visit.

How to set up our remote IT service system with BA Consulting

  • 1. You call us on 647) 401-8646 or (647) 350-6222 or chat with a BA Consulting Live Support Technician by clicking this link.
  • 2. Our agent will either talk you through the steps to take to install our remote service application on your computer with your assistance via your internet connection. To give our technician access to your computer you will be asked to click on a link similar to the one shown here.
  • 3. You will then be instructed how to install the application and create a password that will enable our computer engineers to move around your computer and access all your files as if we are seated where you are in front of your desktop and screen.
  • 4. You don’t need to register, or log-in and our remote assistance is instant – in fact you can watch as we make the necessary adjustments.
  • 5. Once the system is set up, our BA Consulting technician will disconnect and you will be able to continue to work as normal, in complete security and privacy.
  • 6. We will be monitoring your system from afar and resolving minor issues before they spiral out of control, often before you even notice there is anything wrong!
  • 7. If we detect an issue that for some reason cannot be resolved remotely, we will dispatch a technician to your premises immediately to resolve the problem on-site in your offices.

Our remote assistance system can be programmed into your existing computer set-up using the standard VNC and SSH software that you probably already have installed.

The great advantage of remote assistance is that it means BA Consulting engineers can come to your aid even when you are away from Toronto – in fact, no matter where you are in the world with an internet connection. And with our 24/7/365 services we always have live computer specialists available to assist, regardless of the hour you call.

To find out more about BA Consulting’s Remote Access Computer and IT Support please phone us on (647) 350-6222 or contact us online.
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Remote Assistance: 24/7 online computer support: BA Consulting of Toronto offers a comprehensive range of computer, internet and network services, including:


• Computer technical repair and support • SEO • IP and VoIP
• Onsite technical • SEM services • Signage
• Onsite technical • Data recovery • Digital advertising signage services
• Network and wireless support • Computer system recovery • Security services such as remote video surveillance setup and monitoring
• Broadband and internet support • Complete IT relocation services such as planning, site review, office relocation, etc • Computer and application setup and upgrade.
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