Spyware, Viruses & Malware Removal


Removing Computer Viruses

If you suspect your computer has a virus call BA Consulting of Toronto on 647 401 8646 or 647 350 6222 for a rapid, effective diagnosis and cure!

Computer running too slow?
Unwanted pop-ups blocking your screen?
Can’t access the files you need?
Receiving messages saying your computer is infected?

It sounds like you have accidentally downloaded a computer virus or malware – which is easy to do when you are browsing on line – even when you have virus protection software installed.

At BA Consulting of Toronto we are experts in removing spyware, malware, viruses and other computer infections and can even eliminate those persistent problems that your antivirus software can’t zap!

No matter whether it is your I-phone, tablet, laptop, pc, Android or any other device that is not working as it should, we are confident that our specialist computer technicians and state of the art software technology can work together to eliminate your problem in a very short time!

At BA Consulting we have some of the most dedicated computer technicians in the Greater Toronto Area. All of us love solving the riddle of finding out why a computer is acting the way it is. We know that these types of problems can frustrate many people but to us, it’s like a personal challenge and we never give up until we win!

The problem with leaving computer viruses, malware, spyware and other malicious applications untreated is that often the longer they’re there, the more damage they can do. If you wait far too long your whole system could crash. It really is better to take action sooner rather than later.

So as soon as you realize that your computer is acting a little strange, just give us a quick call and we’ll get working on a cure just as quick as can be. Before you know it your computer, tablet, laptop, I-phone, Android or other device will be working like a dream again.


Basically, all of these are malicious softwares that have been put out there deliberately to make you sit up and take notice.

A virus in a computer works like a virus in our bodies. Before you know it, it has entered your computer, infiltrated your memory and rapidly reproduces itself until it causes your device to run slow, block, vanishes your data or even shuts you down completely. Untreated viruses really can wreak havoc and they have this nasty ability to bypass security systems and infiltrate networks until everyone with whom you have come into online contact is infected too.

Spyware is really nasty because it is out to infiltrate your system and share all your personal data over the internet with who knows who! Unlike viruses, spywares do not recreate themselves or spread to everyone in your network, but they will cause your computer to run very slowly and you’ll probably have problems connecting to the internet – if you can even connect at all.

Adware and Pop-ups
Adware and pop-ups aren’t exactly harmful to your computer but they ARE very annoying! Adware tends to be loaded on to your device when you install or download a free programme that comes with an in-built advertising programme. Adware can be difficult to ignore or turn off – unless you hand it over to our BA Consulting experts who have lots of experience dealing with these types of issue. We know exactly what to do to stop those irritating pop-ups from blocking your view of the screen!

Prevent future infections
Once we’ve cleaned up your device we can also install the latest software to keep it clean in the future. Even though there are malicious people out there inventing newer and more deadly computer malware, if you have an up-to-date anti virus software installed you can keep yourself protected from the threats we know to date.

Our BA Consulting technicians will advise you on a system that could protect your from future harm.

So call us today and we’ll get to work both to neutralize your virus, malware, adware or other infection, and help to ensure that it doesn’t happen again anytime soon.

Call 647-401-8646.

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