Remote Computer Assistance in Greater Toronto Area

Remote computer assistance is rapidly emerging as the service of choice for most home and small- medium business users. Basically the model involves installation of a small application in the customer’s computer or network and it send critical system yet non personal information to the company.

On the company’s end there are experts who are 24*7 monitoring your device through computer programs and are alerted automatically at the slightest hint of trouble. And as soon as trouble is detected our experts are already working on restraining and solving your problem, even before you can notice something unusual with your computer.

This model is ideal for everyone. The customer is saved the problem, repairing is easy as most of the expected damage has already been contained in the initial stages or prevented completely, and what is best is that all this is automatic and programmed, this facility can be offered to the customer at a fraction of cost at what it would have been had the damage occurred actually.

BA consulting provides Remote Pc Tech Support

Remote Tech Support by live agent 24/7 – (647)350-6222 provided every day to Business Across the globe, we provides one stop shop for All Your IT Needs, Tech Support on Site, VoIP Solutions, Monthly Maintenance services, security solution, DVR System, cloud services, office relocation, computer hardware, IT hardware, Website Design, Graphics Design, hosting Solutions and as one of the leading IT company we can provides Internet to Business.

Live help from Technical Support Reps! How it works… here’s how to get live computer help right on your desktop:

    • Call us to let our technicians know that there is an issue:

      (647) 401-8646 or

      (647) 350-6222

Just see for yourself by talking to our executives the kind of cost reduction and system criticality you can benefit about by installation of remote monitoring.

BA Consulting is proud to offer complete computer solutions and 27 by 7 monitoring in the Greater Toronto Region, including Toronto, Mississauga, Peel, Markham, Vaughn, Brampton, Oakville, Orangeville, Ajax, York and beyond. Special discounts and pricing for GTA residents

About BA Consulting:

BA Consulting provides a complete range of computer and network services including: computer technical repair and support, onsite technical support, network and wireless support, broadband and internet support, remote assistance, spyware, malware and antivirus services, managed services, cloud computing, web designing, SEO, SEM services, data recovery, computer system recovery, complete IT relocation services like planning, site review, office relocation, Microsoft Exchange hosting, SharePoint hosting, web hosting, Blackberry server, ip, VoIP, signage and security services like remote video surveillance setup and monitoring, computer and application setup and upgrade. We also offer computer and network consultancy services for all your small, medium and enterprise class business needs.

BA Consulting is operational in municipalities like Halton, Peel, Durham, York and serve all the cities including Mississauga, Brampton, Ajax, Oakville, Milton, Oshawa, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, OrangeVille, Newmarket, Bolton, Etobicoke, city of Toronto, GTA, Ontario and beyond.

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