Hosted and hosting Solution In Greater Toronto Area by BA Consulting

You need the latest technology for smooth running of your business. But when you’d rather focus on your business, sometimes you’re stuck spending time on security protocols, data recovery and server upgrades. And it’s getting even more expensive and time-consuming in today’s complex business environment.

To save themselves from all the associated problems, a lot of business is moving towards hosted solutions.

A Hosted solution is right for your company for the following reasons:

Focus on business: When you host your solutions at you are practically giving all your tech related problems for us to handle while you focus on your business, your primary goal. Technology is our core competence; you no longer need to be updated about the latest in tech. We will handle all your problems.

Cost control- By giving your hosted solutions to us, you no longer need to focus on cutting costs, hiring specialist, installing upgrades for your software etc. All that will be taken care of at no additional cost to you. This significantly brings down your business cost.

Upgrading and Staying ahead of the curve– When you have our hosting, you no longer need to worry about having the latest and the most productive for your business. Our experts monitor all the latest upgrades available in the market which are valid for your company and install them in the back end while you enjoy seamless upgrades and better productivity.

Security– With increased Information Technology assets comes the threat of suspicious software and malware activity. Also 100% business uptime is the only optimal solution today. At BA consulting our experts are well equipped to handle any security threats and keep your business online 24/7.

Protection of data– And what happens when disaster strikes. Most business is unprepared when their mission control or critical data is corrupted. At BA consulting our experts take regular backups so that data can be restored as soon as possible if and when there is an emergency.

These are but some of the critical points which small and medium size business fail to take care of as they grow in size and as the business technological needs grow. But as we have shown here, with just a fraction of the usual spending business can be a lot at ease using BA consulting’s hosted solution.

BA Consulting is your provider of choice in the Greater Toronto Region, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Peel, York, Markham, Ajax, Etibicoke and other regions around. Being your friendly local company we offer hosted solutions as per your requirements keeping your budget in mind. So Contact US today and get your hosting solution and see your business grow with your full focus on critical business related areas.


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