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With the growing boom in Information and Technology the demand for its servicing and maintenance has also grown up dramatically. And we are not talking about the problems which arise in computer systems and have to be dealt with. It also involves continuous up gradation of hardware and software as well as implementing and accepting the latest technologies which are arising at a rapid pace.

The question which comes to mind then is what’s the ideal size of the company servicing your IT solutions in Toronto. Too often it has been seen that small IT service companies are used to cater to small business, but with the demands of even small business getting intricate and exhaustive, there arrives a point where your current service provider is just not able to keep up. One of the options would be to have another IT solutions provider who caters to a specific need of yours. But this not only increases cost but also leads to multiplicity of vendors overlapping each other’s role to a certain extent.

Another option is to go for large and well established IT solutions provider in Toronto. Unfortunately though large companies are high on cost and can end up eating your bottom line. So, what is the option for small companies with some big requirements or big companies with specific IT solutions requirements?

It was exactly to cater to this niche that BA Consulting was established. And it has turned out to be a huge market. Every day we meet clients who earlier used to call us only for backups and operating system up gradation, who now are asking about implementing advanced technologies like virtualization in their business.

The key is to offer differ levels of service and cost structure to clients based on their needs instead of a fixed menu with fixed costs. We have dedicated teams which cater to the IT solutions of small business and home computer users and a high level expert team which is called in when advanced solutions like virtualization, hosting, managed web services, advanced up gradation is needed. This way we can offer our clients at a fraction of the cost, the different levels of IT solutions.

This is suitable for both our clients and us. While they don’t have to pick multiple vendors, we get a steady and growing stream of returning and new clientele. So for all your IT solutions needs in Toronto contact BA Consulting and you will be pleasantly shocked to know the kinds of IT solutions we provide in the Greater Toronto Area at the lowest possible cost you could imagine.

Just give us a call and see for yourself what we can do for you. Call 607-401-8646 or call 647-350-6222 today.

About Us:

BA Consulting provides a complete range of computer and network services including: computer technical repair and support, onsite technical support, network and wireless support, broadband and internet support, remote assistance, spyware, malware and antivirus services, managed services, cloud computing, web designing, SEO, SEM services, data recovery, computer system recovery, complete IT relocation services like planning, site review, office relocation, Microsoft Exchange hosting, SharePoint hosting, web hosting, Blackberry server, ip, VoIP, signage and security services like remote video surveillance setup and monitoring, computer and application setup and upgrade. We also offer computer and network consultancy services for all your small, medium and enterprise class business needs.

BA Consulting is operational in municipalities like Halton, Peel, Durham, York and serve all the cities including Mississauga, Brampton, Ajax, Oakville, Milton, Oshawa, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, OrangeVille, Newmarket, Bolton, Etobicoke, city of Toronto, GTA, Ontario and beyond.


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