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Office relocation is part and parcel of the modern economy. Whether it is for upsizing, better location, financial considerations or technological flexibility, business owners have to deal with relocation sooner or later. And with numerous office relocation services companies in town, it hardly seems to be a complicated process. What has changed over the years though is the amount of IT infrastructure business’s now carry and needs to be relocated. So much so that ‘smart’ business owners define their relocation into two parts, the brick and mortar relocation and the computer and network relocation.

We used the word ‘smart’, because they realize that while the table and chair transport and setup part can be taken up easily by any relocation company, the IT infrastructure part requires not only thorough planning but also has to be handled by experts of this field.

Any modern day business be it small or big uses technological infrastructure in one form or another. It is no longer just about moving a computer from one place to another and plugging it in. Today, our files are shared, devices are connected, employees access the joint server, e-mail is centralized, customer support is on a common platform and well it goes on. Not to mention, network connections, setting up routers, wireless, and all this at a new place.

And all this transformation has to be done in the least downtime possible in order to keep the business from losing value. Want to know how to avoid all the above problems and have seamless office relocation.

Well, we have a simple and evolved five step approach to minimize downtime lost employee productivity.

Planning – by professionally planning your move, we minimize unexpected problems and delays

Preparation – we dispose of and donate equipment that is no longer needed.

Site review – Prior to the actual move, the project manager visits your new site to review and other requirements.

Relocate – we disconnect, relocate, and reconnect systems.

Completion – after the move and reconnection, we perform commissioning and final tests to make sure your system is back to its pre-move status.

BA Consulting has managed a wide range of computer relocations from nationwide moves to smaller same-building repositioning. Our projects managers will work hand in hand with your IT team and will oversee the de-installing, moving and re-installing of computer systems.

                              The goal is next business day completion, no matter the complexity.

So call today for all your computer, network and office relocation needs at: (647) 401-8646
or: (647) 350-6222 and be assured of minimal downtime and a seamless relocation at an affordable price.


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