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4 Web Design Colors That Make People Go Hungry On Your Food Themed Website

In web design, color is very important. The colors that would be chosen for a website will have a big impact on how that website would be perceived by the viewers. Color theorists were able to organize colors into a certain structure known as the color wheel, and this can be a very important basis in choosing the right colors for that website. In order to be able to select the right color combinations for the color wheel, one must have a good knowledge on how colors affect the viewers.

In the case of websites that have to deal with food – examples include websites for restaurants and food manufacturers, it should be noted that there are certain colors perfect for them to utilize. These certain colors are ideal simply because of their effect on the viewer. And what is that effect? They stimulate the viewers’ imaginations. This can be a great determining factor in web design. Here is a breakdown of the colors perfect for food-related websites.


Red is one of the most common colors used for websites. It is a very strong color that appeals easily to the emotions. What is so great about red is that it is the strongest color when it comes to the appeal of appetite. Whenever people get a glimpse of the color red, they seem to feel the urge to eat. This can happen even if they are not really hungry at all. It is for this reason that it has been used by so many restaurants as their main color or one of their main colors in their website.


Yellow is a color that is often attributed to brightness and happiness. It is also a strong color that can make any person feel hungry. It is no surprise that one of the most popular restaurants in all the world, uses yellow and red for their company colors. So it is guaranteed that a huge percentage of the people who visit that restaurant’s website would feel very hungry. A simple glance at the home page can easily cause him to want some big burgers and tasty fries.



Being a combination of red and yellow, orange can act as a great stimulant to the appetite. It is a color that promotes the idea of spontaneity, vitality, and vibrancy. It is a color that calls to action. Thus, it can be effectively used in web design. But in what way in particular? Well, there are a lot of urgent buyers out there in the Internet. They order food quickly once they feel to do so. The power of orange to call to action can be used to target such customers.


Green is also a good color that can stimulate appetite. Thus, it is advisable for web designers to consider using green in their projects. Since there are so many shades of green, there should not be any surprise that the effect of the shades can vary in a great way. The best shade of green that stimulates the appetite is rich or vivid green. Green is perfect for restaurant websites that promote a healthy lifestyle or even for food manufacturer websites that sell fit and healthy products.

Of course, colors are not the only factors that make websites more appealing to the appetite. Web designers must also be good at designing website templates as well as choosing the right fonts. Also, there must be enough images of tasty dishes that would surely make the mouths of viewers go watery. If you want to have a food themed website that hits all the right buttons when it comes to website design, consider hiring our web designers at BA Consulting Inc.

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Top 5 Health And Fitness Keyword Sets For SEO

Keywords play a very important role in web development and design. Although playing a smaller role today under Google algorithms, keywords are still a part of the search terms that lead people to your websites. If a website owner wants his site to be more popular and easier to look for in the vast World Wide Web, he should use relevant keywords. Keywords are strategically placed in prominent areas such as the page title, the links, and the sub-headers in a natural way. There are a lot of popular keywords out there. For those who manage websites in the health and fitness niche, here are the top sets of keywords that people search for:


Acne related keywords

Any person in his right mind would most definitely hate acne. People are naturally vain and they would want themselves to appear neat and blemish-free. But acne is a part of life. Sometimes, acne just appears on the face and they exist as if simply to ruin a person’s day and lower down his self-esteem. Most people share a loathing with acne and that is why it is not a surprise why acne is a very common keyword in the health and fitness category. If your health website can have some posts on acne removal, it will certainly draw some of the traffic towards your site.

Diet related keywords

A person’s diet has a huge impact of his general health. And now that there is the Internet, people have never been more eager in looking for ways to improve their health through proper dieting. That is why websites that have something to do with health and fitness websites often have the keyword of diet sprayed all over the site. People love to read about what certain foods cure what ailment and what certain foods improve what health condition. Thus, websites that want to be ranked higher in the search engine pages should feature posts on dieting.

Weight loss related keywords

It seems that a lot of people want to lose weight these days. So many people share that common goal of being able to have a fit and good-looking body. Weight loss is important not only when it comes to physical appearance but also in health. Websites that have articles or posts related to weight loss have a high chance of hitting the respectable ranks in the search engine. Some examples of weight loss related keywords include ‘how to lose weight’ and ‘weight loss diet.’

Nutrition related keywords

Nutrition keywords can also be of a big help to health and fitness websites. One cannot get immune from diseases and have a great physical condition if he would not get the right nutrition. Nutrition keywords are a little related to diet keywords, but nutrition focuses more on getting specific nutrients than just food intake planning. ‘Nutrition facts’, ‘nutrition vitamins’ and even ‘nutrition software’ are just some of the keywords that are included in the nutrition keyword category.

Fitness related keywords

Fitness keywords usually have to deal with fitness equipment as well as techniques. Those companies who are selling gym equipment would benefit a lot in using fitness keywords. Some examples include ‘fitness equipment’, ‘sporting goods for fitness’, and ‘fitness exercise’. Websites that might benefit from these keywords include those that represent fitness publications as well as websites run by private fitness instructors.

No matter what keywords are chosen for SEO purposes, it is very important to consider its relation to your written content. People should stumble upon content that they actually search for. After all, keywords are there to attract people to what they are exactly looking for – not to mislead them. The emphasis today is to not overuse keywords but feature them strategically and effectively. If you want the best help in web development and SEO, you can always consider BA Consulting Inc. for its expertise.